How to keep feet from sliding forward in sandals?

Whether you are out and about in town or the office, sliding forward in your sandals can be very irritating and even embarrassing on most settings, but most of all, it can be quite dangerous for you. There are many reasons why your feet may fail to stay in place in your sandals, and if you are not aware of how to deal with the problem, you might feel the need to give up your beloved pair for some other shoes. Thankfully, there are solutions that you can take advantage of to prevent this irksome problem – read on for more information.

How to keep feet from sliding forward in sandals? There are several techniques you can use to prevent your feet from sliding forward in sandal.

  1. You can try applying talcum powder if you find that your feet get too sweaty in sandals.
  2. A great alternative to using talcum powder is to apply antiperspirant as they serve the same purpose.
  3. Another option you can try is spraying the bottom of your feet with hairspray so that they can stick to the sandals as you are walking.
  4. Double-sided tape is another popular solution that allows you to stick your foot to the sandal as well.
  5. Insoles that are concealable are also very popular as their self-adhesive properties will keep your foot in place.
  6. In case your feet are sliding forward because you are using too much lotion, simply switching to lotions with a lighter consistency might alleviate the issue.
  7. As a last resort, seek the services of a cobbler to get your sandals professionally fixed.

The issue of feet sliding in sandals is more common than one might expect, especially since many people choose to ignore the issue and continue to suffer. To figure out how to go about the problem, it is important to determine why it keeps happening. Some of the common reasons why feet slide forward in sandals include:

  • Your sandals are too big
  • Your sandals don’t have slip-resistant material
  • Your feet are sweaty
  • You use heavy lotion on your feet

How to keep your feet from slipping in sandals

For one reason or another, you may be having trouble keeping your feet in your sandals. Here are some solutions that have been proven to work effectively:

1. Apply baby powder to your feet

Baby powder is made up of talcum powder and a fragrance additive. Talcum powder is known for its absorbent properties as well as its ability to reduce friction and serve as a skin protectant. Because of these features, baby powder is popular among parents as it helps to get rid of diaper rash, and you can also take advantage of these properties by using it to mitigate sweaty feet which may slide forward in your sandals. Sprinkle some baby powder on your underfoot as well as on the footbed of the sandal. A thin layer should be enough to avoid excessive dryness of the foot. Brush off the excess once you wear the sandals.

2. Apply antiperspirant

Antiperspirants help to minimize the production of sweat. They contain aluminum salts, an active ingredient that dissolves into the moisture found on the skin’s surface and results in a gel that forms a layer on the sweat gland, thus reducing sweat production.

Applying antiperspirant to your feet will dry them faster in case you start sweating, which will, in turn, minimize reduce the risk of you sliding around in your sandals. Some varieties of antiperspirants contain alcohol which is meant to speed up the drying process as well as create a cooling effect when applied. However, alcohol tends to dry out the skin, consequently resulting in irritation, so you may want to avoid alcohol-based antiperspirants.

There are four categories of antiperspirants that you can choose from:

  • Dry sprays – These varieties are quick-drying and convenient.
  • Stick – Stick antiperspirants have a large application surface which makes them ideal for use if your feet sweat heavily.
  • Roll-on – Roll-ons are precise and easy to apply.
  • Clinical – Clinical antiperspirants allow for precise application and also moisturize the skin and deliver sweat protection.

3. Spray your feet with hairspray

Another way you can keep your feet from sliding forward is by spraying your underfoot and footbed of the sandal with hairspray. This works because hairspray will make your foot sticky and ensure that it stays in place as you walk. After spraying the sandal, let the hairspray set in for about a minute before putting them on.

4. Avoid using heavy lotions

Heavy lotions may keep your underfoot moisturized, but excessive application will prevent them from drying and leave your feet damp long after you initially applied them. This dampness will cause your feet to slide in the sandals and affect how you walk. To prevent this, avoid using heavy lotions when you intend to wear your sandals and go for lotions that have a lighter consistency to ensure that your feet are not excessively damp.

5. Use no-show insoles, foot liners, or cushions

To prevent your feet from sliding, try to use ball-of-foot cushions in the sandals. They will not only keep your feet comfortable but also prevent them from sliding forward as you walk. If necessary, use two in each foot. An alternative to cushions is inserting a half insole in the part of the sandal where the ball of the foot will rest. You can also try inserting a self-adhesive rubber strap into the sandal – simply peel to remove the backing and insert it on the inside the parts of the sandals that are especially slippery.

6. Add an extra hole in the strap of your sandal

If your feet are sliding forward in your sandal because they are too big, you can try adding a hole in the sandal strap. To do this, put your sandal on as you normally would and pull on the strap as tightly as possible, then make a mark on the area where you want the buckle to go. Using a revolving leather hole punch, add a new hole to the strap.

7. Change the style of sandal you’re wearing

Some sandal styles are simply more slippery than others. You can opt to switch from sandals that have fully open-toe designs to peep-toe sandal designs. The latter lack excessive space that allows your foot to slide around, consequently keeping it in place as you walk. Alternatively, you can go for sandals that feature an ankle strap that will secure them snugly to your feet.

8. Use double-sided tape

Another popular solution involves using double-sided tape which you apply to the sandal footbed so that it sticks to both the sandal and your foot and prevent it from sliding forward. However, double-sided tape can sometimes be seen, so you want to be strategic in how you apply it. It also tends to lose its adhesiveness as the day goes by and your feet starts to sweat. As a result, you will have to bring a roll of the tape along with you so that you can replace it when the stickiness wears out.

9. Apply beeswax to the footbed

Beeswax is great for waterproofing your footwear, but it is also useful in keeping your feet from sliding forward in sandals. All you have to do is rub a bit of beeswax on especially slippery areas of the footbed.

10. Seek the services of a cobbler

If none of the aforementioned solutions seem to work for you, consider taking them to the cobbler who will likely install some grippers that will ensure that your feet stay in place as you walk.

11. Buy the right size sandals

As previously mentioned, wearing the wrong size sandals is one of the reasons why your feet may be sliding forward in your sandals. If this is your case, consider going for sandals that are the right size for your feet next time you are shopping. You must get measurements of your feet before you purchase a pair because foot size is not constant despite popular belief.

If you are buying your sandals from a shoe shop, you can easily get them measured within the store. On the other hand, if you intend to buy them online, you will have to take the time to measure them on your own and compare the results that you get to the sizing chart that may be provided. Keep in mind that men and women use different sizing charts, as do countries from different parts of the world. You may also want to go through the customer reviews that may be posted to see if the sizing chart is accurate or if you need to slightly size up or down.

Final thoughts

Other than being uncomfortable, your feet constantly sliding forward in your sandals can also be painful because the slipping motion can create friction and even result in the development of blisters in the affected areas. Furthermore, the sliding will affect your balance and could potentially cause you to stumble and fall. Once you determine exactly what is causing the sliding, there are several ways you can try to prevent it, but in case none of them work for you, opt to take your sandals to a qualified cobbler or buy another pair of sandals that fit you properly if your slippery ones are too big for your feet.

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