Can I Wear Slippers At Work?

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Wearing shoes to the office on a daily basis can be really uncomfortable and restrictive, which is why the option to wear slippers is desirable for so many. However, since the workplace is considered to be a formal environment, whether it is acceptable to wear slippers to work is often up for debate. If you are considering giving up your shoes in favor of slippers when you are at work, read on to find out if it is an option.

Can I wear slippers at work? Whether or not you can wear slippers to work generally depends on two things.

  1. The type of slipper you intend to wear
  2. The place where you work

In recent years, some CEOS and managers- especially those who supervise trend-setting companies and start-ups are more accepting of casual wear, allowing comfortable options for employees such as slippers. However, other more formal workplaces are still restrictive about how they expect their employees to dress, and this often includes not wearing slippers to work.

Although a good number of workplaces require their employees to wear a certain type of footwear, some companies are shifting their thinking and considering the comfort of their employees. As a result, some places of work allow their employees to wear slippers to work. If your workplace is not too welcoming of footwear that is too casual, here are the slippers designs you may be able to get away with at work.

The slippers designs you may be able to get away with at work

1. Mules

The mule is a style of slipper that does not have a back or constraint around the heel of the foot. The history of the mule can be traced back to Ancient Rome, although they were not particularly popular until the 16th century. Mules were initially not worn in public since they were restricted to wear in the bedroom. However, today, they can be worn to a variety of events, whether formal or informal.

Mules are made from a variety of materials, with the most common being leather and suede. Some varieties also have decorative features such as beads, feathers, buckles, and colorful embroidery. Mules also come in a wide range of styles- some have high heels while others feature no heels at all, and others have closed toes while others have open toes. Mules that have closed toes may have a pointy or square front.

Mules are generally more formal than flat sandals, but they are not as dressy as a heeled pump. This makes them a great option if you are going for a smart-casual look at work. Since the design of the mule inevitably leaves your ankle exposed, this means that there is not much support for this area. In order to ensure that your feet have more grip, go for a pair of mules that feature wide straps which will adequately cover most of your feet.

When selecting a pair of mules to wear to work, try to match the mule style to the outfit you are wearing. Mules that have slim stiletto heels are best worn with sleek trousers or feminine dresses, while varieties that have block heels are ideal when paired with edgier outfits such as boyfriend jeans and jumpsuits. Avoid wearing shorts or miniskirts with mules. Mules are a great option when you want to make your legs look longer since they don’t have ankle straps. However, be wary of exposing too much skin since they may end up looking tacky.

2. Moccasins

Moccasins are a type of slippers which initially featured no heel, although many varieties today have a separate rubber or leather sole to provide more foot protection when they are worn. The sole can be hard or soft. Depending on the brand, moccasins that have a soft sole are typically worn around the house. Moccasins varieties that you can wear to work usually don’t lack patterns on the outsoles in order to preserve elegance. Some of the common materials used in the construction of work-ready moccasins include leather and suede.

The great thing about wearing moccasins is that they blend in well with an outfit. For a smart-casual look, pair your moccasins with slim-fit trousers. For a more official look, you can wear a matching trouser and blazer combination. You will want to avoid pants that are too long since they simply don’t work with the low cut of moccasins. As a result, you will want to wear ankle-length trousers, or at least roll them to your ankles. For a more formal look, you can pair a neutral suit with moccasins in a bold color if you want to make your shoes the highlight of the outfit. If you wear a grey suit, go for a moccasin in a cool tone color like blue, and for a navy suit, you can be a little braver and choose a warmer color like red. If you plan to wear moccasins with a dress/skirt, go for an A-line mid-length dress or skirt so as to achieve contrast to the low cut of the moccasins.

3. Clogs

Clogs are distinguished from other slippers by their closed front simple design that is similar to that of the mule. They are generally comfortable to wear thanks to their cushioned insole which provides the foot with support when walking. Clog uppers are typically made of leather, although it is quite common to find ones that feature suede.

If you opt to wear clogs to work, go for a pair that features high platforms – don’t worry, they are just as comfortable as lower-heeled styles. Style them with a classic and polished outfit such as a blazer and straight-legged pants for a smart office look. 

4. Loafers

Loafers are a variety of slippers that don’t have a lacing or fastening system. The sole of the loafer is separate from the upper, and when you have them on, the ankles will be exposed. They are primarily made of either leather or suede, although it is not uncommon to find velvet moccasins as well. There are a variety of loafer styles available, including tassel loafers, penny loafers, and Gucci loafers.

Gucci loafers can be combined with a wide variety of outfits. For a formal setting, consider a Gucci loafer that comprises of a black box calf leather upper with leather lining in order to achieve a look that is not too casual. Tassel loafers are great to pair with business suits when worn in brown or black. They work even better with casual suits and blazer combinations. Penny loafers can be paired with a blazer outfit and a tie for a formal look.

If you opt to wear your loafers with a pair of socks, you are better off avoiding patterned or vibrant socks if you intend to wear them to work. Instead, consider matching the color of your socks to that of your trousers to achieve a more cohesive look. A quality pair of wool socks will go a long way and feel more comfortable. If you are going sockless, watch out for the unavoidable trouser gap. Ensure that your pants are not too long to the point where they drop over your loafers, but they should not be too short either to the point where you are flashing your bare ankle.

5. Smoking slippers

Smoking slippers are a comfortable variety of slippers that were initially worn exclusively at home. They are effortless to slip on and off, with many of them featuring a soft lining that allows for the wearer to put them on sockless. Smoking slippers are known for their versatility, which means that they can be worn in casual settings as well as formal ones such as in the workplace. Varieties that can be worn outdoors typically feature a rubber sole so as to provide protection to the feet on harder surfaces. Suede and leather varieties are common, although velvet is also often favored for use in the construction of the upper due to its softness and consequent comfort that it allows.

Smoking flippers that feature embellishments are quite common, ranging from embroidered initials to bold graphics. For the workplace, you will want to avoid such embellishments, instead choosing varieties that are plain and simple. If you expect to spend most of your day on your feet or you just want to be comfortable, go for a smoking slipper that has a slight heel since it will provide you with more arch support.

Final Thoughts

Since most people spend a significant portion of their time at work, wearing uncomfortable shoes for extended periods may result in health issues associated with the feet and even end up affecting your productivity. This may be one of the reasons why more workspaces are becoming more relaxed in terms of the type of footwear employees can wear. However, if your workplace is yet to fully embrace the steadily growing trend of slippers at work, this article provides you with several slipper options that you may be able to get away with.

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