Can You Wear Flip Flops At Disney Land?

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Are you planning a trip to Disney Land? If you have never been to Disney Land yet, you need to know that you will have to do a lot of walking. You might end up walking between 8 to 12 miles each day at Disney Land. To experience all the wonders and have the best experience possible, you will have to cover a lot of distance. Most experienced Disney Land visitors wear comfortable shoes during the vacation. However, many first time visitors make the mistake of focusing too much on their dressing, forgetting about their comfort altogether. Walking in Disney Land can be tough especially if your feet are uncomfortable.

Can you wear flip flops at Disney Land? Although some people might believe that flip flops are not allowed at Disney Land, there are actually no restrictions on any type of footwear. The only shoe restriction in Disney Land is that you are not allowed to use skate shoes. Other than that, visitors are allowed to wear whatever type of footwear they are comfortable in.

There is nothing worse than being in uncomfortable shoes, especially if you have to walk for about 10 miles in them! Most people prefer to wear simple comfortable footwear such as flip flops.

Reasons why some people prefer wearing flip flops at Disney Land

1. Flip flops are comfortable

Most flip flops, especially the ones that have good quality design are comfortable. Considering that the average distance that a person covers in Disney Land is 10 miles, having comfortable shoes is completely paramount. Good flip flops have an arch on each foot, which ensures that you are comfortable, making your feet get tired less quickly. The arch also reduces the chances of your feet getting cramped.  Also, unlike enclosed shoes which restrict your toes making you very uncomfortable, with flip flops, you can move your toes freely. The fact that flip flops are comfortable makes it easier for you to cover the average ten miles without much trouble. 

2. They are lightweight

Flip flops are lighter than most shoes. Walking in heavy shoes can be a very daunting task when you have to cover long distances. Heavy shoes will exhaust you quickly and soon one mile will be feeling like ten. There is no worse feeling than being exhausted in Disney Land when you have only visited a small number of parks. Flip flops, on the other hand, are very light. Walking in them feels like floating. You will barely use any energy to lift your feet. You, therefore, get to cover longer distances and make the most out of your visit to Disney Land.

3. They are cheap

Flip flops are cheaper than many other types of footwear. They are made out of popular materials such as rubber which makes them available at very cheap prices. By buying flip flops, you can save a lot of money that you would have used to buy a pair of shoes. With this extra money, you can buy more souvenirs to commemorate your trip to Disney Land. You can pay for more rides and have extra fun at the parks with additional money. Unlike other shoes which may make a dent in your account and mess with your budget, flip flops are ideal and are budget-friendly. Besides, because they are so cheap, flip flops are easily accessible. If by bad luck you lose your shoes in Disney Land, you will have no trouble finding flip flops since they are readily available. They will also not have such a large impact on your budget since they are not as expensive as shoes.

4. They allow your feet to breathe

The weather in Florida is hot and humid. The last thing you want is walking around in Disney Land with hot, sweaty and damp feet with no way whatsoever of cooling them. Not only is this feeling uncomfortable but also unhealthy for your feet. Hot and sweaty feet are at a very high risk of getting a fungal infection. Flip flops are very convenient since they allow your feet to breathe. With flip flops, you can walk long distances without worrying if your feet will get smelly. They also remain free of sweat since air flows through your feet. You, therefore, get to have a comfortable experience.

5. They have many options to choose from

There are many styles and designs of flip flops available. They can, therefore, complement your fashion needs. Flip flops can go well with almost any style of clothing. Since most people in Disney Land dress casually, you can never go wrong with flip flops. Flip flops are available in almost any shade of color. You can choose the color which matches your outfit. You can also find flip flops that have impressive artwork of Disney characters, enabling you to blend right in. If you intend for your look to be classy, there are flip flops designed with jewelry. They are also made from different materials such as rubber, suede, fabric, you can find the material you are most comfortable in. The many styles and designs give you a wide range of flip flops to choose from. You can hardly go wrong.

6. They are relaxing

One of the most important aspects of flip flops is that they are relaxing. Walking in flip flops gives you a feeling of being free, which is relaxing. Covering long distances in uncomfortable and limiting shoes can be stressful, even in Disney Land. Uncomfortable shoes can make you not have fun in Disney Land. They can even spoil your mood, making you grouchy. Flip flops, on the other hand, feel as if you have nothing on your feet and this is quite relaxing. They, therefore, leave you in a good mood, helping you have a wonderful experience in Disney Land.

7. They are easy to pack

Another thing that makes flip flops suitable to wear at Disney Land is the fact that they are easy to pack. Flip flops are flexible meaning that you can bend them or nest them together, making them very convenient when packing. When leaving Disney Land, you may return home with souvenirs. Having flip flops instead of shoes will ensure that you have more room for packing souvenirs.

Situations where flip flops can be a nuisance in Disney Land

There are some situations where flip flops can be a nuisance. These include:

New flip flops are uncomfortable

It is not advisable to pack brand new flip flops to Disney Land. New flip flops can be uncomfortable and it might take some time before you get used to them. If you intend to go to Disney Land with new flip flops, you should buy them at least two weeks before going. This will give you sufficient time to break into them so that the footbed and the straps can relax and loosen. If you go with new flip flops to Disney Land, the straps and the footbed will rub against your skin giving you blisters. They will end up making your experience at Disney Land anything but fun.

Strap breaking

When going to Disney Land, you should avoid going with worn-out flip flops to avoid the risk of the straps of the flip flop breaking. There is nothing worse than your strap breaking while you are walking around in Disney World. You will have to struggle between dragging your foot on the ground and walking barefooted. This is very uncomfortable and you might end up getting blisters from walking barefooted. Straps breaking might end up making your experience at Disney Land unbearable.

Situations where it is not suitable to wear flip flops in Disney Land

There are certain occasions where it is not suitable to wear flip flops in Disney Land. Some of these occasions include:

Rainy days

It is not always hot and sunny in Florida. Rains and thunderstorms are frequent. Although flip flops are suitable to be used in wet environments since they dry up faster than other types of footwear, they can be completely unbearable when it starts to rain. Your feet will be constantly sliding off the flip flops and you may end up with blisters. Also, in case the rains find you in open space, it is almost impossible to run in wet flip flops and you might end up getting drenched.

No riding with flip flops at Soarin’

There are no restrictions on a particular type of footwear in almost every ride at Disney Land. The only ride that has an issue with flip flops is Soarin’ at Epcot. Before the ride begins, everyone with flip flops is usually instructed to stow them under a pouch under their seats. This is because flip flops tend to fall during the ride and end up distracting other guests. When the ride is over, you can then put them back on.  

Cold days

On cooler days, it is not wise to go to Disney World in flip flops. Your feet will end up being cold. On such days, you will be better off wearing shoes than flip flops.

Final Thoughts

There are no restrictions on any type of footwear in Disney Land. People are free to wear any type of shoe they find most comfortable. Flip flops are cheap, comfortable, relaxing, and convenient, so having a good pair on a nice sunny day can actually improve your overall experience in Disney Land.

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