15 Best Slipper Socks for Women and Men

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We all like to slip into a comfy pair of slippers at the end of a long day. But sometimes – especially in the winter – we’d like something a little cozier, a little warmer, a little more comforting. And that’s where slipper socks come in.

Slipper socks offer exactly what their name suggest, the best qualities of slippers – protection for both the feet and the flooring in your home, especially easily scuffed hardwood floors and easily dirtied carpets – and the warmth and ease of wear of a favorite pair of socks. They are also easy to carry, making them a great choice for travel or even for taking to the office so that you can work in a little more comfort without looking too casual or inappropriate.

But with so many options available – slipper socks seem to be gaining in popularity all the time – which slipper socks should you choose? As big fans of this flexible footwear we decided to take a look at that very issue ourselves and after going through both some of the most popular choices – and the reviews of those who had already purchased and worn them, these are all slipper sock choices we can highly recommend, starting of with our recommendations for the ladies.

Best slipper socks for women

Most of the best slipper socks for women are those that are crafted from soft, natural materials that offer both warmth and style as well as durability. And as fashion and good looks are important to most of us, even when simply ‘hanging around’ at home the fact that the best slipper socks for women offer great style as well is another plus. Here is a look at some of the slipper sock choices that we can recommend as some of the best slipper socks for women available right now.

1. Sunjunki slipper socks


These attractive slipper socks are almost lightweight slipper boots, offering a way to keep your feet covered and warm, your floors safe from scuffs and scratches is and all without sacrificing an ounce of style.

Crafted from soft organic wool and lined with a cozy faux fur fleece Sunjunki Slipper Socks can be worn at full height – about halfway up the calf for most women – or ‘slouched down’ to the ankles or even folded over, whatever you prefer. They go great with pajama pants of leggings but are roomy enough that you can even tuck jeans in easily.

The socks feature an attractive winter snowflake pattern and are available in two colorways; gray and white or cream and gray and have a suede non-slip bottom to stop you from slipping and sliding all over the place!

Those who have purchased these uber-cute slipper socks love the styling and the ease of wear, report that they fit well and are true to size and many customers loved them so much they bought another pair for a friend right away!

I really like these slippers! The fleece is cozy and the inside doesn’t bunch up around your toes like so many do. Nice and stretchy at the lower ankle so the boot doesn’t slouch down at the heel. I usually wear about a size 7.5 and the medium fits me perfectly. I would buy these again!
They fit perfectly, look amazing, and feel wonderful!

Plus the shop owner was super sweet and worked with us to create a unique pair!
Definitely will be buying from this shop again and I HIGHLY recommend her!

Price: $45.00+

2. AzerbaijaniSocks

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These hand-knitted slipper socks look like delicate ballet flats with a little ‘extra’ foot coverage but their woolen softness gives the fact that they are slippers away. Lightweight and very portable they feature traditional Azerbaijani patterns and as they are crafted there are as close to ‘authentic’ as you can get.

As these are handmade item the creator is willing to accommodate different color preferences, although we have to say the dark blue and white with brown suede bottoms, which offer an extra measure of stability as well as an extra shot of style, is our favorite by far.

Those who have already purchased these slipper socks love the patterning and the high quality of the materials and craftsmanship. They also love the fact that they can be so easily folded up and slipped into a purse or bag, a big bonus when visiting a home that maintains a ‘no shoe rule’.

The fit is great! I wear size 9 shoes, and the 7.5-10.0 did as well as I had hoped. The suede soles give me great traction on my hardwood floors and stairs. Slippers arrived clean and secure in a small plastic envelope. I appreciated the minimal packaging and labeling materials to keep my downstream footprint light. 
Fabulous slippers from a fabulous company! I bought a pair of these for my father in law last Christmas and he requested another pair this year.
The addition of the suede soles is excellent and will make them last even longer.
They wash really nicely and are very warm, he’s very pleased with his slippers.

Price: $29.00

3. AlexasHandKnitGoods


These beautiful, brightly colored organic wool slipper socks feature patterns and designs inspired by antique Azerbaijani carpets and are soft, slip on ballet flat style slippers with a soft suede sole that can be enhanced – for extra grip – with non slip acrylic dot patterns upon request.

These are also handmade items and the wool used is of the highest quality, soft and supple rather than stiff and itchy. The variety of colors and patterns available is striking and, according to those who have purchased them, the craftsmanship is exquisite.

People also love these slipper socks because they are so soft and cozy but are also surprisingly durable and fit very well.

Honestly wasn’t expecting these to come in time for Xmas, but was delivered on the eve!! The Wife went crazy over them!! So a definite Win for ol dad! Lol.. thanks a bunch! You really bailed me out on this one!! Excellent shop!! Great Shipping!! And Beautiful products any Woman will love! Highly Recommended!!
They’re already wrapped up and ready to go for Christmas, but I got my mom a pair of these as her gift and they are… BEAUTIFUL! I wish I had gotten a pair for myself! They’re thick, warm, soft, and have an incredible floral design. I will 110% be back at this shop for more gifts during the holidays.

Price: $16.00+

4. TashaDorenko

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These slipper socks actually better resemble slipper boots – in fact that is how the creator describes them – but boots that are as soft and warm -and easy to wear – as your favorite pair of socks.

Crafted from organic wool – to be certified organic wool must be taken from sheep who are raised in an open, free roam farming environment – and soft felt (for the soles). The slippers have a slightly more rigid shape thanks to the expert cable knitting technique and a pattern that is attractive and understated.

Those who have purchased these particular slippers socks praise them for warmth and the excellent quality of their construction as well as for the fact that the understated styling offers a casual but not too ‘sloppy’ look.

Wonderful slippers, thank you. Timeless and very comfortable. Keep your feet reliably warm and dry as wool is breathable and wicks moisture away. I haven’t washed them yet, so can’t comment on how well that works.
Such cosy little booties and due to the tightly felted sole they are quite water resistant (tested on little spillages in the kitchen…).
Love the high ankle for warmth and they have molded nicely to the shape of my feet!

Price: $37.00

5. KnitKnotSpace

KnitKnotSpace - 1

The thick, chunky cable knit on these slipper socks give them more of a robust feel than some of the other options on this list and the fact that they can be ordered according to the customer’s preferences in terms of color and style is a plus. The bootie style makes them very easy to wear and the full foot coverage is certainly a plus in colder weather.

Customers comment on the warmth of the slipper boots – one comments that they do a great job of keeping her feet toasty even on a very cold Alaskan morning – and the great fit that does not stretch out and loosen too quickly. They also love the jewel-toned color options which make these slipper socks a fun fashion choice.

Beautifully made. High-quality yarn and crafts(wo)manship. Our daughters love them!
I love these so much!
Super cosy and comfy! Thank you so much!

Price: $41.81+

Best slipper socks for men

Slipper socks are not just for the ladies, there are some excellent options available for boys and men as well. Here’s a look at some of the best of them, based on both our observations and the reviews of customers who have already purchased and worn them.

1. UnaCreations

UnaCreations - 1

These gray striped slipper socks fit like short booties and are cable knitted for extra durability and a snug, non stretch fit. Their easy slip on styling makes them suitable for everyone and their understated but elegant look means that they have the masculine looking edge that many men are looking for.

Those who have purchased these slipper socks are very impressed by the quality of the craftsmanship and the true to size fit. Many also mention how pleased they were to find that the slipper socks retained their shape even when worn for some time. And all of the satisfied customers commented on how warm they were.

Fits perfectly, very comfy, arrived earlier than expected! Really lovely, thanks!
Great fit, very well made, true to size. Going to order another pair!!

Price: $32.00

2. CozyLT

 CozyLT - 1

Although designed for men and based on a traditional Lithuanian design that offers a subtle and sophisticated look, these short bootie style slipper socks seem to be equally popular with women. They feature a striped white and gray design that is in fact perfectly unisex and a rib knitted ankle cuff for a better, and cozier, fit.

Those who have purchased these slipper socks praise them for the fact that they offer a great deal of warmth without being too bulky and the fact that they maintain their shape and styling very well even when worn for several months on a daily basis.

These are the warmest socks I’ve ever had.
And came in this sweet attractive bag that was an unexpected surprise!
Love them and will buy more for gifts.
Perfect fit and very cozy! They breathe well which keeps my feet from sweating but still keeps warm. Only issue is that on certain surfaces the bottom knit can be a little uncomfortable but I believe it will soften over time.

Price: $27.00

3. YarnfullyAddicted


These colorful, bold striped slipper socks are chunky and warm and fit and feel just like standard socks, but offer far more durability and warmth. They feature a cable knit for additional ‘bulk’ and yet are still lightweight enough that they do not feel too constricting when worn. However, a knitted ‘collar’ at the top of the socks helps ensure that they stay up even when the wearer is very active.

Those who have purchased – and worn – slipper socks from YarnfullyAddicted love the bright, colorful designs and the ease of wear. Some customers were also delighted with the fact that they could customize their order and choose to have their slipper socks created using the colors of their favorite sports teams. 

These are perfect lounging in the bed socks.
Affordable, cozy, and completely animal cruelty-free. Thank you!

Price: $10.00

4. AURAQUEDesign


These bootie style slipper socks are hand crafted from a very warm, very resilient Nepalese wool and feature a chunky, cable knit pattern that is great looking but not too obtrusive. They are the perfect match for pajama pants, slacks or jeans and although designed for men they seem, according to the reviews, to be just as popular with women.

Fans of these slipper socks love their fact that they are exceptionally warm and yet seem very breathable and hold their shape very well even after long periods of wear. Some people also mention that they love how soft the wool seems when compared to mass produced options but is relatively easy to care for.

Lovely slippers, feet warm and toasty and super soft with the jersey lining. Very happy
My boyfriend says they are very fluffy and soft, perfect for the Scottish winter ahead!

Price: $27.06+

Best non-skid slipper socks

One of the things that some people worry about when considering switching traditional slippers for slipper socks is that they will simply not offer enough traction and that wearing them will become a trip and fall hazard. This is especially true for people whose homes feature already ‘slippy’ flooring surfaces such as polished tile or hardwood.

The addition of non-skid bottoms to the slipper socks can help solve the problem. This does make them a little more like traditional slippers but the best of them still offer the comfort, warmth, and flexibility of lighter soled slipper socks. Here’s a look at some of the best of them. 


Pamisi socks

These slipper socks better resemble calf length sports socks – the type favored by men all over the world for decades – but their extra thickness and the whole foot non skid sole make them a great choice for wearing around the home.

The slipper socks are available in several different colorways and have a ribbed collar that prevents them from falling down as you walk. the fact that they are machine washable makes them super easy to care for and they fit true to size.

Fans of these socks praise them for their ease of wear and the excellent traction they offer. many of the customers had chosen  to wear them when recuperating from injuries and surgeries that made taking traditional slippers on and off difficult but others simply chose them because they prefer not to wear slippers but did not want to go completely barefoot in the house.

Price: $12.79

2. Rative

Rative - 1

These unisex slipper sox feature an extra thick non skid patterning on the bottom for superior grip, making them the perfect choice for wear on highly polished tile flooring, Crafted from terylene and spandex they are also designed to hold their shape well and ‘stay up’ even when worn for extended periods of time.

These slipper socks seem to be very popular with those who do studio based physical activities like yoga and pilates and are looking for a way to give themselves non slip protection during those activities without having to add the weight of sneakers or running shoes to their feet. Many purchasers love how well they fit, how easy they are to launder and how warm, yet breathable they are.  

Price: $7.99 - $15.99


Wener - 1

These very attractive socks resemble many of the handknitted offerings we have covered but are crafted from acrylic and polyester that allows them to be machine washed and tumble dried which makes them easier to care for than handknit options which must always be hand washed. In terms of design they resemble the kinds of ‘alpine’ ski socks one might associate with cozy ski lodges.

People who have purchased these slipper socks love them because they offer the warmth and comfort they are looking for – these slipper socks are even fleece lined – but are easy to care for and have a great ‘grippy’ sole that makes them great for wearing on hardwood, tile and other polished flooring surfaces.

Price: $10.99

4. Pembrook

Pembrook - 1

These slipper socks offer extra traction in a different way, via a sueded microfiber sole that offers a great deal of traction but repels dirt and dust. The cable knit design offers both style and warmth and the attractive long boot shape – they reach mid calf on most people – is subtly stylish in any of the available neutral colorways.

The fact that these slipper socks also feature a memory foam footbed is a real plus too, especially for those with flat feet who would love to wear slipper socks but are concerned that the lack of support they usually offer would lead to foot pain.

Customers who have purchased these slipper socks love the fact that they fit like a boot but are far more lightweight and that even though they have a rather rigid sole can easily be hand washed. They are also popular, as we mentioned, with those who have foot problems like flat feet as the extra support offers them the chance to wear slipper socks without pain.

Price: $15.95 - $16.95

5. Dosoni

Dosoni - 1

These furry fleece lined alpine style slipper socks – which are available in a number of different patterns and colorways – are both unisex and multigenerational as they are available for men, women and children. The non skid sole is lightweight but offers great traction and the fleece lining offers lots of warmth.

Those who purchased these slipper socks love the fact that they can be easily machine washed and drip dried and the fact that they offer a great deal of warmth and a true to size fit. They also love the designs and many of the customers have purchased a number of pairs both for themselves and other members of their family.

And so there you have it, our look at the best choices in slipper socks for both men and women. While they are far from the only ones available we feel they offer great value for money, excellent durability and, perhaps most importantly, lots of warmth and comfort. So if you are looking for a lightweight alternative to traditional, often bulky house slippers the slipper socks on this list are a great place to start!

Price: $8.99

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