What Do Slippers Mean in a Dream?

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Dream interpretation has been around for thousands of years and many of us find it truly fascinating. Dreams can often seem pretty wild and crazy, but many say, if you dig deeper, they are actually trying to tell us something.

So what do slippers mean in a dream? The fact is that slippers have many meanings, but the most common, because they are associated with comfort and home, is that you need to solve a family problem, but when you do, the outcome will be a positive one.

Sounds good right? Now of course, it would be up to you to figure out what that problem might be, but at least you’re on the right track.

However, as we mentioned, slippers have more than one meaning according to dream interpretation lore. What kind of slippers they are , and how and when you – or someone else – are wearing them in the dream can change everything. With all of this in mind let’s take a look at some of those other meanings right now.

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Dreaming about new slippers

In your dream you saw yourself stepping into a brand new pair of oh so comfy slippers. They look so nice and clean too! Of course, this could just be a subconscious signal from your sleeping brain reminding you that the pair you have are pretty gnarly and you should head online tomorrow morning to buy some new ones.

However, according to dream interpreters it may also mean that a new addition to the family is on the way. Not just in the form of a baby – the obvious thought – but perhaps a pet, new furniture or even money. But basically the household is getting something new (although maybe it just will be those new slippers after all)

And speaking of new slippers, if you see yourself actually buying them in a dream this is a good sign. It means that a money worry is about to be solved, but in a rather unexpected way. Does it mean you’ll win the lotto? Who knows, but it might be a good idea to buy a ticket when you wake up!

If you dream that you are buying slippers and you are faced with so many choices you are having a hard time deciding which pair to buy this also apparently means something. The common wisdom is that it means that you are currently facing a difficult choice in life that needs to be resolved as soon as possible (although again, that may just be the fact that when you do buy slippers in your waking life there will be lots to choose from)

Dreaming of gifting slippers

This is a bit of a sticky one. Apparently, a dream about gifting slippers to an adult may symbolize a loss in the near future. What you might lose is a little vague – some say possessions (hold on to your wallet) while others, more ominously, suggest it means the loss of a person close to you, not necessarily by death though, but perhaps as a result of an argument that breaks up a friendship.

Gifting slippers to a child in a dream, on the other hand, is a much happier occurrence. This indicates that you are passing on important wisdom and that they will be very successful in later life.

Dreaming of old slippers

So, we’ve covered new slippers, but what does it mean if you dream about old slippers, perhaps the ones you have sitting next to the bed right now? To dream of old, but clean slippers, indicates the return of a long lost ‘something’. That something might be a friend, a possession, or even just a beloved old family tradition. But whatever it is, dream lore says that something that’s been lost is about to be found.

If the old slippers in your dream are dirty however, their meaning changes. Old, dirty slippers indicates that someone close to you – a friend perhaps – is not quite all they seem to be and may not be as trustworthy as you had thought. A little bit ominous but don’t be too quick to go around imagining that one of your inner circle is up to no good, as another possible meaning for dirty slippers in a dream is that you are about to cast off an old bad habit.

Slipper dreams and colors

Apparently, the color of the slippers in your dream has meaning too. Black slippers is an indication that you are worrying about a problem too much and that you need to let some of that worry go before it taints your life too much, which is rather good advice in general. If those black slippers are made of silk however, it may be an indication that someone is about to solve a worry for you.

If you are wearing red slippers in your dream that’s a little bit more exciting. Because red is traditionally a passionate, powerful color anyway they are said to indicate that some exciting emotional times are on the horizon. This, dream interpreters say, may mean a new romance, the rekindling of an old romance or just some steamier times ahead with your current love.

The there are white slippers. White slippers in a dream indicate that your life and lot will improve if you take some time out for yourself and spend some time alone, reflecting, and that doing so will bring positive new things into your life, which again, is probably just good life advice in general. And blue slippers? Wearing those is said to be a sign that you need to start being more creative, and, that if you are you will be more successful in life.

Other slipper dreams

There are quite a few other meanings attached to seeing slippers in dreams, some of them a little stranger than others. If you are a woman and see the current romantic interest in your life – husband, boyfriend, crush – wearing slippers in your dream it’s supposed to be a sign that the romance will go well and that you are headed into a nice, happy and comfortable stage of your relationship.

If, on the other hand, you are a male the sight of your love in slippers in a dream may not be such a good thing as that may be an indicator that there are bumpy times ahead.

A dream in which you are trying to fit your feet into slippers that are too small for you is another rather prophetic one. It’s a sign that you are trying to take on too much in life and that you perhaps need to slow down and get your priorities straight before you burn out. The harder you try, the more you need to step back and chill, both in terms of trying to fit into that slipper and in real life!

Should you really take these slipper dreams seriously?

Now that you know what slippers in a dream are supposed to signify it begs another question, how seriously should you take these dreams? Are you really going to win the lotto or lose a friend just because you apparently chose comfortable footwear in your dream?

The sensible answer is no, not really. Dream interpretation has been around for thousands of years and practiced all over the world. But, like astrology, which has been around for just as long, it’s all more for entertainment purposes these days than anything else.

What does science say about dreams?

Even if you don’t really believe in dream interpretations, there obviously must be some reason why your sleeping brain come sup with the stuff it does right?

The scientific study of dreams is called oneirology and there are more experts involved in it than you might imagine, with research being carried out in sleep labs the world over as we speak. Still however even these academics have yet to come to a solid conclusion – or agreement – about what dreams really are, let alone what they might mean.

One very popular theory however, and one that has been around for many years, is that dreams are the brain’s way of ‘cleaning itself out’ every night. The premise is that it takes everything that has happened during the day and starts to filter out what is not really needed.

In the case of those slipper dreams, for example, according to many scientists that is an indication that yes, at some point before you went to bed, for some reason, slippers were on your mind. Maybe you do need to buy new ones and the fact that you should head to a shoe store soon to do so is something tucked away in your brain’s ‘to do list’ but it filters out into a dream along with everything else from your day and creates a ‘story’.

In the end, whether you choose to take slipper dreams seriously or not is up to you. But you do have to admit this has all been quite a bit of fun, hasn’t it?

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