How To Keep Flip Flops From Squeaking?

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Flip flops that squeak with every step that you take can be quite annoying and it won’t be long before you find yourself avoiding them. Although the surface you are walking on can contribute to the squeaking sound, you are flip flops are usually the problem in many cases as well. Instead of completely abandoning your favorite footwear and repurchasing, there are solutions to the problem you can consider to help you enjoy a more silent step and save some money in the process – read on for more details.

How to keep flip flops from squeaking? Depending on the source of the squeaking, there are a variety of techniques you can use to deal with this annoying sound.

  • The first technique involves using baby powder or baking powder. Sprinkle the squeaky area of the flip flop using the powder – the powder will absorb the moisture that causes parts of the flip flops to rub together and squeak.
  • You can also try swabbing the affected area with WD40 or silicone spray if the squeaking is coming from the sole of the flip flop. If your flip flops are made from leather, rub in a leather conditioner to the affected area, then use a dry cloth to buff.
  • Another option you can use to fix squeaking flip flops is the rubber cement trick – apply a thin layer of the rubber cement to the sole of your flip flop where the squeaking is coming from and allow it to dry before trying them on.

The squeaking sound that some flip flops tend to make can be a source of embarrassment when you are out in public, and even when you are within your home, it can be quite irritating.

Reasons why your flip flops may squeak

1. They are brand new

If your new rubber flip flops are squeaking, it is highly likely because the soles are too smooth. New rubber flip flops tend to cause noises especially if you are walking on a similarly smooth surface such as linoleum or tile. This will usually pass after a while if you start wearing your flip flops on rougher terrain. To fix squeaky rubber soles, you will need to improve traction.

2. They are falling apart

At one point or another, your flip flops will fall apart, whether it is due to poor construction or age. The outer sole may start peeling off at the heel or at the front, which could cause squeaking. The buildup of oils and sweat from your feet could also contribute to the squeaking sound from your footbed as you walk.

3. They have undergone damage

A majority of flip flops squeak as a result of water damage. Constant exposure to water can cause moisture to be trapped in your flip flops, which will, in turn, cause that annoying squeaky noise as you walk.

Tips on how you can keep your flip flops from squeaking

1. Sprinkle the affected area with powder

Once you determine the part of the flip flop that is squeaking, sprinkle the area with some baby powder, baking powder or corn starch. The powder will absorb the moisture that may have been trapped in the flip flops and reduce the noise that comes from parts of the flip flop rubbing together as you walk. Set the flip flops aside overnight to allow the powder to absorb the excess moisture. The next day, knock away the powder and take the flip flops for a walk to see if the squeaking is gone. If the problem persists, reapply the powder or try another technique.

2. Use silicone spray or WD40

Both silicone spray and WD40 are very effective in removing squeaks, but they require a careful application to keep them from damaging your flip flops. Spray either of the lubricants on a cotton ball or cotton swab, then rub it into the outsole, working along the affected area or the entire outline.

3. Use a water-displacing method

For a more DIY approach, fill a spray bottle with one part water and three parts olive oil. Shake the bottle and then spray the squeaky parts of your flip flop. Alternatively, you can mix 10% acetone and 90% vegetable oil for the same purpose.

4. Rub the squeaky area with leather conditioner

If your leather flip flops are affected, lubricate the squeaky areas by rubbing in a quality leather conditioner and buffing using a soft dry cloth. If the flip flops are made from suede, go for suede conditioner instead of using general-purpose conditioner to keep the material from potentially getting damaged.

5. Apply saddle soap to the problematic area

Saddle soap can be used in the same way as a leather conditioner to keep your flip flops from squeaking. Apply a small quantity of saddle soap to the affected area and then buff using a dry cloth. Saddle soap can dry out leather when used excessively, so you will want to keep applications to a minimum. Avoid using saddle soap on suede flip flops.

6. The rubber cement trick

Rubber cement is a vulcanized rubber integrated with an organic solvent that is used as an adhesive. For this technique, thinly coat the squeaky area on the outsole of your flip flops with the rubber cement. A protective layer will be formed between the flip flop and the floor, which should keep it from making a squeaking sound as you walk. Before you put on your flip flops allow the rubber cement to dry completely.

7. A paper towel

If you don’t have baby powder or baking powder handy, a paper towel should work just as well. Place the paper towel on the footbed of the flip flop, ensuring that it stays in place. Leave your flip flops this way for 24 hours. This technique will absorb moisture trapped in the flip flop and can, therefore, help to reduce the squeaking.

8. A dryer sheet

If the bottom of the flip flops squeak as you walk on smooth surfaces, try rubbing them with a dryer sheet. Go over the smooth bottom of the flip flop a couple of times until it is less slick to get rid of the squeaking. For this technique to be effective, you may need to rub the bottom of the flip flops with a dryer sheet every time you wear them so that they don’t start squeaking again.

9. Use wax

You can use beeswax or candle wax to create a non-abrasive barrier between the flip flops and the floor that you are walking on. The barrier will prevent the squeaky noise that is produced as a result of contact of the two surfaces and consequently help you to walk silently.

10. Use sandpaper to roughen the bottom of the flip flops

One of the reasons why your flip flops may squeak is due to having a smooth bottom. In this case, try roughing up the bottom of the flip flop with sandpaper. Go over the area using a piece of fine sandpaper until it feels a bit rough to touch. The abrasive effect that sandpaper can make the bottom of your flip flop less polished and smooth, effectively reducing the squeaking as you walk in them.

11. Reattach the soles of your flip flops using super glue

If your flip flops have soles, they can make annoying squeak sounds if they become detached. The bottom of a flip flop, just like with most types of footwear, is one of the weakest spots, but it is also quite easy to reattach. If there is a gap between the upper part of the flip flop and the bottom, use super glue to fill the gap, and then clamp the flip flop until it dries. To be safe, let the glue dry for about 24 hours before you try on the flip flops.

12. Dry the flip flops

As previously mentioned, one of the main causes of squeaky flip flops is moisture. There are a variety of drying techniques you can use to dry your flip flops to keep them from squeaking:

  • Use sheets of newspaper – Newspaper is very effective in absorbing moisture. Start by crumpling sheets of newspapers so that they can fit under the straps of your flip flops. Keep stuffing the newspapers until there is no space to fit more. Layer two fresh sheets of newspaper and set a flip flop on them, then wrap them around the flip flop as tightly as possible so that the paper can absorb the trapped moisture. Keep the newspapers in place using rubber bands. If you are concerned about newspaper ink leaving stains on your flip flops, you can easily purchase blank newsprint paper online.
  • Hang them in a warm dry room – You can also dry your flip flops by leaving them propped against a wall in a warm room so that they can air dry.

13. Take the flip flops for repair

If the squeaking keeps recurring even after trying these techniques, seek the help of a professional. Take the flip flops to a repair shop or cobbler to get them fixed.

Final thoughts

Squeaky flip flops can be a nuisance, but this should not stop you from wearing them especially since there are a variety of techniques that you can use to get rid of the squeak and walk more silently. However, if the above-mentioned techniques fail to work, take them to a cobbler, or just go for another pair if they are not worth the trouble.

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