What Are Boot Slippers?

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Whether it is winter and the temperatures are freezing outside or you have a roommate who turns the air conditioning dial so low that you have to bundle up even with the sun out, keeping our feet warm is a priority. To stay warm and cozy while you are within your home, you can wear lounge-specific types of footwear. One of these types of footwear is the boot slipper- read on to find out why this type of slipper may be just what you need to stay warm while indoors.

What are boot slippers? Boot slippers are a type of footwear that cover the toes all the way to the ankles or the lower calves depending on the design. Boot slippers are meant to be worn within your home to protect your feet from the cold.

They have some sort of insulating material incorporated in the interior lining for this very purpose – the lining may be made from sherpa,  faux fur, or fleece and microfleece. Other than being warm, boot slippers are also comfortable to wear, allowing you to wear them for extended periods of time. This is because of the soft inner lining as well as the flexibility of the slippers. Boot slippers also feature a sole that is meant to provide support for the foot so that you don’t end up potentially sustaining injuries as you walk around your home.

Boot slippers are primarily intended to keep you warm and comfortable while you are at home. However, there are so types and designs available, and you may end up being overwhelmed or picking a pair that don’t suit you. Here are some considerations to keep in mind when choosing boot slippers.

Features to look for in boot slippers


While you can boot slippers during the summer, they are mostly the footwear of choice during the winter or cold weather in general. Therefore, one of the most important qualities that a boot slipper should have is the ability to keep your feet warm and toasty when you have them on.

The key aspect in terms of insulation is the type of lining incorporated in the shoe. There are a number of choices available, including sherpa lining, faux fur lining, and fleece and microfleece lining. All these varieties adequately trap warmth inside the boot slippers and consequently keep your feet from getting cold

If you feel like an extra layer of warmth is necessary, consider wearing a pair of your favorite socks with your boot slippers. In this instance, you will need to purchase a pair that is flexible or has enough space to accommodate your socks in addition to your feet.

While your slippers should keep you home, they should not make you feel overheated. Accumulation of odor in your footwear results in the development of odor as well as nasty foot infections. Furthermore, a raised temperature in the feet can increase the core body temperature and lead to health issues, especially for people who suffer from chronic conditions such as heart problems.


Another significant aspect to take into consideration when choosing boot slippers is the level of comfort provided. This is because you will spend a significant portion of your time wearing them, and if they are not adequately comfortable, you may end up with foot conditions such as plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinitis. Here are the comfort factors to keep in mind.

  • Lining

Most slippers that are worn within the home usually have an inner lining, including boot slippers. In order to allow for comfort, the lining should be soft against your skin. This is especially important if you have skin that is sensitive to any form of irritation.

  • Seams

The seams of a slipper function by holding the sole and the upper together. When looking for a comfortable option that you can wear at home, you will want to examine the seams of the shoe keenly. Seams should not be rounded – they should be flat so as not to dig into your skin. A weirdly placed seam will only get more unbearable with time, and you are better off avoid the footwear altogether.

  • Flexibility

Boot slippers that are stiff may end up causing blisters to your feet when you wear them for extended periods. Opt to go for flexible slippers that can easily mold to your feet and allow you to walk around your home comfortably.

  • Insole

The insole of a boot slipper is another important determinant of their level of comfort. A lightly padded footbed or an insole that is made from memory foam will leave your feet feeling pampered and keep them from getting strained thanks to the arch support that they provide.

  • Breathability

The lining of your slippers should be breathable so as to prevent moisture from building up and causing your feet discomfort.


With indoor footwear such as boot slippers, you won’t have to worry about trudging through snow or brave challenging terrain in them. Therefore, such designs usually prioritize comfort and warmth over protectiveness. They are generally less durable than outdoor footwear, and they typically don’t have the hard-wearing materials which are incorporated in the construction of normal everyday wear.

That being said, you will want boot slippers that have soles which are rigid to walk in but still flexible enough to allow for comfort. A rigid sole that is made of a material such as rubber is durable and will ensure that your slippers don’t wear out too soon.

The decoration featured in the slipper design could also affect how durable it will end up being. For instance, pop-poms are cute, but they are particularly susceptible to wear and tear. Consequently, you may want to avoid boot slippers that feature them.


Traction is essential for any type of footwear. You want to able to walk around your home without having to worry about slipping or tripping and potentially sustaining serious injuries. While considering the traction of your shoes, you should also take into account the flooring in your home. Surfaces found in most homes tend to be sleek, which means that there is a high risk of slipping and flooring if you choose to wear a pair of slippers that don’t provide enough traction. Therefore, you will want to examine the traction of the boot slippers keenly to ensure that they are incorporated with good gripers or tread patterns which will keep you from potentially falling.


You want a pair of boot slippers that will fit you comfortable without being too large or too tight around your feet. While some aspects such as the design, brand name, and the year of manufacture could be useful in determining whether the fit will be appropriate, it could serve you well to go through the reviews that have been posted by previous customers regarding the slippers you intend to buy to see if they tend to run small or big. It also doesn’t hurt to go through the provided sizing guide for further confirmation.

Ease of wearing

While choosing boot slippers, go for a pair that will allow you to wear and take them off with ease. They should not be too narrow to the point where slipping them on and off takes too much work.


Boot slippers are generally cheaper than regular shoes. As you are trying to find a pair, keep in mind that a higher buying price doesn’t always mean that the quality of the slipper will be better.

Cleaning and caring for your boot slippers

You may have found the ideal boot slippers and started wearing them on a daily basis. It is quite easy to overlook the care and maintenance of boot slippers since they are not used outdoors, which means that they don’t get as dirty. However, even when they are not visibly dirty, they still need to be properly washed and cared for to ensure durability as well as reduce the buildup of dirt which can lead to foot infections. Here are some tips on how you can clean your boot slippers.

  • Soft cloth and gentle detergent for the exterior – The best way to clean your boot slippers involves using a soft cloth, a gentle detergent, and some water. Give your slippers a firm but gentle rub using the soft cloth. If they are particularly dirty, give them a short soak before washing them. Use a second soft cloth that is dry to get rid of excess water and then let them air dry.
  • Washing them in the machine – Tossing your boot slippers in the washing machine should always be the last option when cleaning them. Machine washing significantly shortens the lifespan of your slippers, and you might end up not getting much use of them. Nevertheless, if a machine wash is your only option, check the label of the slippers to confirm that they are machine washable and use a slow spin.
  • Baby wipes for the interior of the slippers – For the interior of the slippers, use baby wipes for a thorough clean. This will also help to get rid of any lingering odors.

Final Thoughts

Boot slippers are a great way to keep your feet warm and comfortable while you are at home. Although there are no particular rules regarding whether you can use them outside, you are better off using them solely indoors since they are not built for use outdoors. All in all, if you hate walking around barefoot in your home or socks aren’t doing it for you anymore, you might want to consider boot slippers.

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