What Are Jesus Sandals?

During the summer, you will come across all sorts of sandals, whether it is colorful flip flops by the poolside or stylish gladiator sandals on the streets. They are popular, and with good reason – they allow your feet to breathe when the weather is unbearably hot, and they are relatively easy to wear and take off your feet. One of the sandal types that is steadily gaining traction in terms of popularity is the Jesus sandal. Read on to find out more about this stylish footwear to determine if they are worth a try.

What are Jesus sandals? The Jesus sandal is a design of footwear made from genuine leather that draws inspiration from shoes that were worn approximately 2000 years ago during the time of Jesus.

These unique sandals can be easily dressed up or toned down to suit whatever occasion you are attending. The leather insole of these sandals adjusts to the shape of your feet over time, allowing for a comfortable experience. The rubber sole is tough, allowing you to use the sandals for a long time before they wear out. To care and maintain the condition of your leather Jesus sandals, clean them on regularly using the appropriate techniques. Apply some conditioner once they are clean so that the leather does not end up cracking due to frequent cleaning. For an added shine, apply a thin layer of color-matched shoe polish and always allow them to air dry.

Jesus sandals are known for their simplistic design that is nothing short of stylish. Here is a more detailed look at the various aspect of this spectacular sandal

The design of Jesus sandals

Jesus sandals come in a wide variety of designs, with the most common being those that feature a leather cross band upper, although current designs have a modern twist to them that elevates their stylishness. The inspirations from footwear worn during the era of Jesus is quite evident, hence the name.

Factors to take into consideration when choosing Jesus sandals

As previously mentioned, there is a wide selection to choose from when purchasing Jesus sandals which can be a bit of overwhelming especially if you are not too sure what to look for. Here are the considerations to keep in mind when selecting this type of footwear.

1. Comfort

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing any type of footwear is how comfortable you will be. The point of wearing casual footwear such as Jesus sandals is to give your feet a break from high heels and other uncomfortable shoe types.

  • Jesus sandals are easy to break-in – Leather is a material that is known for its ability to stretch out over time, and since the insoles of Jesus sandals is made of leather, they usually mold to the shape of your feet with continuous wear. As a result, they are easy to break-in, which means that you won’t have to suffer through a long and painful process trying to get your new sandals to fit you appropriately. To speed up the breaking in process, try wearing the sandals and walking around in them at home. By the time you take your sandals out for a spin, they will have adjusted to the shape of your feet and become more comfortable to wear.
  • The thickness of insole – Many manufacturers of this type of sandals mention an added thickness to the insole. An adequately thick insole will typically mean that the sandals offer more cushioning to the feet, which automatically means that they will be more comfortable. However, an insole that is too thick will affect your balance and make you less stable, potentially increasing the risk of tripping and falling over when walking.
  • The fit of the sandals – Whenever you are selecting a pair of Jesus sandals, ensure that you pick the correct size as the fit of any type of footwear plays an important role in how comfortable you will be. If your sandals turn out to be too tight, the straps will rub uncomfortably against the skin on the sides and upper part of your feet, which could lead to the development of painful blisters and calluses. If they are too big, you could end up losing your balance due to the constant sliding around of your feet as you walk in them. To ensure that you are buying the correct size sandals, consider trying them on and walking around if you are buying them from a local store, and if you are buying them online, use the sizing chart for guidance and also go through the reviews regarding sizing posted by other customers.

2. The outsole

The outsole of Jesus sandals is typically made of rubber. A sufficient rubber sole should feature some sort of tread or raised pattern on it to provide you with traction. Smooth outsoles will not grip sleek and slippery surfaces such as wood and tile floors adequately, which could lead to a lot of slipping and sliding around.

3. Durability

You want to invest in Jesus sandals that will last. The material plays an important role when it comes to durability, so you want to buy sandals that are made of tough genuine leather.

Construction is another important determinant of durability. Side-seam sewing connects the sole of the sandal to the rest of the shoe, a construction feature that is meant to prolong the life of the sandal and keep it from falling apart at the seams. Rubber soles are known for their sturdiness, reducing their chances of wearing out too quickly.

Caring for your Jesus sandals

For your sandals to remain in good condition, you will need to tape proper care of them. Here are some guidelines on how you can clean and care for your Jesus sandals.

  • Cleaning – The first step of cleaning is brushing off debris and dirt using a clean, dry cloth or a horsehair brush. Apply a leather cleaner onto the sandals with a soft cloth or brush in gentle circular motions. If you are using saddle soap instead, apply it using a damp cloth. Wipe the excess soap or cleaner from the sandals once you are done, and then let your sandals to air dry. Never dry them in front of a heater or out in the scorching sun as the leather may dry, crack, and lose its quality over time.
  • Conditioning – Leather cream or conditioner moisturizes the leather material of Jesus sandals to prevent it from drying out and cracking. A conditioner will not add any sheen to your sandals, but it will protect them. Keep in mind that in most cases conditioners do not waterproof leather, although some do incorporate a water-repelling component. Leather conditioner has a lotion-like quality, and to apply them onto your Jesus sandals, rub it in gently and allow the material to soak it up. Use a soft cloth to apply the conditioner, then allow it to air dry before using another clean cloth to buff the sandal. To prolong the life of your Jesus sandals, apply conditioner every two months or so, but if you live in a dry climate, you will want to do this more frequently.
  • Polishing and protecting – To maintain the shine of your sandals, apply a thin layer of color-matched or neutral polish using a soft cloth or horsehair brush in a circular motion. Allow the polish to air dry, then use a paper towel or a clean cloth to buff the sandals.

Leather is easily damaged by water, so it is important to keep it protected to preserve its quality. Applying waterproofing waxes and sprays will provide a coating to your Jesus sandals and effectively repel water and moisture in general. Depending on how often you wear your sandals, these treatments do not need to be done every time you clean your sandals.

If you opt to use a protectant spray, you will need to reapply it several times as it is not as long-lasting as wax. On the other hand, it does not leave a thick layer on your sandals as wax tends to do, but this also means that they create a lower quality effect. Wax is much more durable than a spray and allows for easier and more precise application – use a brush or clean cloth to rub the wax in small circles. Since wax is thick, you only need to apply it once a year.

Storing your sandals

How you store your Jesus sandals will have a huge impact on how durable they will be. Leather can end up losing its shape if it lacks support, particularly since it can easily absorb moisture. By stuffing several sheets of balled up newspaper under the upper of each sandal, you will ensure that the sandals maintain their shape, and the newspaper will also absorb moisture that may accumulate.

Final thoughts

Jesus sandals continue to gain mainstream popularity thanks to their stylish appearance and versatility that allows you to pair them with a wide array of outfits and wear them to a variety of casual settings. Furthermore, they can be worn by both men and women, and they are quite durable thanks to the use of leather in their construction. To maintain their aesthetic appeal and function, it is important to take good care of them and store them properly.

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