What Are The Benefits Of Acupressure Slippers?

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Most people tend to overlook the fact that the entire stress of their bodies, as well as their weights, is carried by the feet and yet the feet are arguably the most ignored parts of the body. Taking care of your feet will keep them strong and flexible for much longer, and even a ten-minute daily foot massage can do wonders. This is where specialized footwear such as acupressure slippers come into play- read on to find out their benefits and whether they are worth your consideration.

What are the benefits of acupressure slippers? The soothing foot massage that acupressure slippers provide to the wearer allows the body to relax and unwind, which will consequently encourage restful sleep. The massage of particular points on the feet through acupressure slippers could also be helpful in balancing hormones and thereby alleviating symptoms of depression.

If you have a foot condition or back pain, wearing acupressure slippers firmly may be helpful in easing the discomfort and swelling that may accompany it. Acupressure slippers can also be used to ease premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms such as irritability, fatigue, insomnia, and bloating; as well as menopause symptoms such as hot flashes and knee aches. If you have restless leg syndrome, wearing acupressure sandals may come in handy since they put pressure on the exact nerve points that cause symptoms of this neurological condition and consequently reduce the pain. It can also be beneficial to wear these unique slippers if you have multiple sclerosis since they have been known to provide relief from the fatigue that so many afflicted individuals with the condition suffer from.

Before we dive into the benefits of this unique type of slippers, here are some basics about acupressure and how it works.

What is acupressure?

Acupressure is a form of an alternative treatment system that uses fingers, hands, and in some cases other tools to provide stimulations to the various acupoints around the body. According to the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, the human body comprises of invisible energy flow lines that are referred to as meridians. If the flow of these energy lines is disturbed, it is believed that emotional and physical deterioration result. Imbalance in the life energy flow can be resolved through the act of stimulating the points that are found along the meridians, or to put it simply, acupressure. Unlike in acupuncture where needles are used to puncture the meridian points, acupressure is considered to be more practical, and you can do even do it on your own.

How do acupressure sandals work?

Acupressure sandals are a unique type of footwear that are meant to stimulate the soles of your feet where a number of nerve endings are located. Acupressure sandals are designed with nodes which are typically strategically located so as to allow for the acupressure points to be pressed and the targeted organs to receive stimulation as a result. The arrangement of these nodes is important since it will determine how relaxing the massaging effect on your foot will be. Acupressure slippers are not comfortable when worn for extended periods, so you will want to read the manual carefully to deduce how long you should have them on. If you have no experience with acupressure slippers, consider wearing them with socks when you first start using them and give yourself about a week to get used to how they feel on your feet.

The quality of the nodes that are incorporated in the footbed of the slippers is paramount as they will be supporting your full body weight. Furthermore, since you will be moving around when you have these slippers on, these nodes will have to endure a lot of force on them. This is why you will find that acupressure slippers which are of low quality tend to wear out or break quite easily.

Acupressure slippers are available to wear in a wide variety of designs and sizes, and almost anyone can wear them. However, pregnant women should generally steer clear of them unless given the go-ahead by their doctors. That said, acupressure sandals, are convenient for those who want to alleviate the pain that may result from various ailments using an alternative method of treatment.

What are the benefits of wearing acupressure slippers?

  • It promotes sleep – Acupressure slippers are great for those who suffer from insomnia since it allows for regular good sleep. The soothing foot massage motions of the nodes help the body to unwind and the nerves relax. These actions will, in turn, soothe you into a restful sleep that will leave you feeling energized the next morning.

There are particular acupuncture points that need to be targeted in order to promote sleep:

  • Sit fully upright and put your foot in your lap
  • Use your thumb to press in and around the plantar pad of the big toe in small circular motions.
  • Keep doing this for at least a minute for each foot
  • Use warm coconut oil, mustard oil, or olive oil to massage the bottom part of your feet for about ten minutes.
  • Alternatively, put on acupressure slippers that target these particular areas.
  • Useful in managing depression – According to research, a foot massage through acupressure slippers may be effective in providing the balance one might need to combat the daily pressure of life. There are certain areas of the feet which can be targeted to alleviate depression and improve emotional stability such as the spot that is found in the center of the big toe, the ball of your foot, and the center of the ball of the foot. Applying pressure to these points by wearing acupressure slippers for a few minutes several times a day can help with depression symptoms.
  • Restless leg syndrome – Restless leg syndrome is a neurological sensory disorder that causes uncomfortable or unpleasant sensations in your legs and an urge to move them. These symptoms tend to occur in the evening or late in the afternoon and are often more intense at night as you try to rest. The right type of acupressure slippers adequately applies pressure to the exact nerve points where the discomfort originates from. Consider wearing them whenever you feel the symptoms of restless leg syndrome as well as just before you go to bed to ensure that you get a good night’s sleep.
  • Useful in treating PMS  and menopause symptoms – Many women experience PMS is typically accompanied by symptoms such as bloating, insomnia, headaches, back pain, mood swings, irritability, and mood swings. These symptoms can be controlled by wearing acupressure slippers for a couple of minutes twice or thrice a day. Similarly, menopause symptoms such as hot flashes and knee aches can be curbed by massaging your feet using these unique slippers. To treat PMS and menopause symptoms using acupressure footwear, focus on the inner foot where the big toe joins the rest of the foot.
  • Helpful in relieving aches and pains – Using acupressure slippers can considerably reduce aches and pains in the body. For neck pain, walk firmly in your acupressure sandals for about five minutes to manage the pain. Acupressure slippers are also effective in reducing pain and swelling in the ankle as well as giving relief for migraines and headaches when used on a regular basis. By targeting the nerve tendons that are located between the Achilles tendon and the outer ankle bone, these slippers help to relieve lower back pain and thigh pain.
  • Beneficial to those who have fatigue symptoms – Acupressure has been proven to be able to provide relief from fatigue which is prevalent in those who suffer from conditions such as multiple sclerosis. Therefore, wearing acupressure sandals several times in a day can help to lift the physical and mental tiredness that is associated with fatigue
  • Improve blood circulation – Living a sedentary lifestyle often means that the muscles in your feet are not used as they should be, which could result in hinder the proper circulation of blood. Similarly, wearing ill-fitting footwear also hampers blood circulation. Acupressure slippers can be used to alleviate this problem.
  • Improves the health of your feet – Foot conditions such as Achilles tendinitis and plantar fasciitis can afflict virtually anyone. To lessen the stiffness and reduce the pain that may be caused by such conditions, consider wearing acupressure slippers. A short 10-minute massage on a daily basis will stimulate the muscles in your feet and consequently make your ankles flexible and strong.
  • General relaxation – After a long and tiring day on your feet, one of the best ways to relax and unwind is through a soothing and relaxing foot massage, especially if you notice swelling. Acupressure slippers promise to do just that.

Final Thoughts

While acupressure is an ancient concept that is still being applied in some aspects of modern medicine, acupressure slippers should not be used as a replacement for medical treatment. Before you consider the use of these slippers to treat an ailment, consult a licensed physician first. If you have pregnancy-related issues, foot ulcers, or blood vessel conditions such as blood clots, acupressure may not be appropriate or safe.

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