What Color Sandals Go With Everything?

So you have found your ideal pair of statement sandals, but you are now faced with the challenge of making them work with the outfits in your wardrobe. Although style is personal and you should always choose what suits you best, it doesn’t hurt to aim for a well-coordinated look especially when it comes to your choice of footwear color. If you have ever wondered what sandal color matches what sort of outfit and the most suitable color for virtually anything, you have come to the right place for ideas on how to get started.

What color sandals go with everything? Black is undoubtedly the most versatile choice when it comes to sandal color as it tends to go with almost every outfit regardless of the color.

You can never go wrong with black sandals, which is why they are considered to be safe. That being said, black sandals tend to go especially well with shades of blue, silver, gold, black, silver, and burgundy. Nude is another versatile color that you can pair with virtually every outfit that you have in your closet. Additionally, nude sandals tend to give your legs an elongated look and make them appear slimmer, which makes them ideal if you intend to show off your legs. White sandals are also quite versatile, but they are most suitable when paired with patterned outfits and pastels.

Color coordination is one of the most crucial things when it comes to putting together an outfit especially if you are conscious about your style. footwear, or in this case, sandals, is often overlooked when it is just as important to ensure that their color does not clash with the outfit that you are wearing. Here is a look at how you can match the color of your sandal with your outfit.

Colors that go with almost everything

1. Black

Black is one of the most popular colors for sandals, and with good reason – you can easily match them with almost any other color without it seeming out of place. Therefore, you will want to invest in a couple of pairs of black sandal, whether it is wedges, stilettos, or peep-toes. Despite its versatility, black tends to go particularly well with silver, gold, and blue outfits. If black is repeated anywhere

2. Nude

Nude sandals are essential, so you want to have in your closet as they are just as versatile as black ones. Nude is a great alternative to black especially if the outfit you are wearing will look too serious or heavy when paired with the latter. Consider wearing a pair of nude sandals with outfits in grey, cream, white, or blush. The color also works extremely well when paired with red or orange statement pieces as it tends to effortlessly fall to the background. Nude is also a great option if you want to give the illusion that your legs are longer and slimmer.

3. White

White, almost like black, can be matched with a wide variety of outfits. It also adequately brightens an outfit without being too loud or overpowering. Consider pairing white sandals with light neutrals, patterned outfits, colorful outfits, and pastels.

Experimenting with bolder sandal colors

Although black, white, and nude sandals allow you to pair them with virtually any outfit, many fashion enthusiasts consider them to be too safe and simple. If you like to experiment with footwear color, here are a few options that you can try.

1. Red

Red is an undoubtedly eye-catching and bold color. This vibrant hue tends to easily pull focus and dominate your outfit. By opting to pair your red sandals with black, white, or grey pieces, you will ensure that the sandals are the center of attention. Similarly, colors that are close to red such as orange and pink will match nicely with your sandals as they tend to subdue the vibrant color and successfully seem like a secondary feature of the outfit. Grey and navy also pair well with red as basic tones, while vibrant blues such as cobalt perfectly balance bright red and draw some attention as well for themselves.

Although red sandals are a great way elevate a casual look, you will want to avoid outfit choices that come across as too racy – fire-engine red sandals offer all the sizzle you need on its own. Consider staying away from monochrome as well; red on red, even if they are different shades, can be overkill.

2. Pink/coral

Pink and coral sandals are superbly sweet and feminine. They are much softer than black, which can sometimes come across as a bit severe. Pink/coral sandals are great for soft and ladylike outfits, and they pair well with pastel shades such as mint green and light blue. You can also match coral sandals with either an orange or pink outfit. For a basic yet fresh look, consider pairing coral/pink with white. Various shades of pink also match beautifully with neutrals, navy blue, grey, red, green, and silver.

3. Orange

When styling brightly colored sandals, consider applying a bit of color theory to help you decide on the most suitable pairings. As blue and orange are found across each other on the color wheel, they complement each other well, which means that they can be paired to achieve a superb look. Orange sandals also look great with tans, tawny neutrals, and beiges. This is because they provide a warm tone that allows the orange to pop. If you opt to wear lighter shades, add in some brown accessories to achieve a cool, laid back 70s vibe. While color blocking may seem like too big a risk for some, if you are up for the challenge, try combining your orange sandals with a purple or green outfit.

4. Yellow

Yellow sandals are such a fun and playful accessory to wear. Full of life and color, yellow sandals will likely lift the mood of those around you. This bold hue works well with a toned-down monochrome outfit as they will instantly stand out while still managing to be chic and a bit understated. Yellow also pairs beautifully with all shades of blue. For formal occasions, navy blue works especially well with yellow. Green, a color that is adjacent to yellow on the color wheel, also works well with this bright tone. Although yellow and purple are complementary colors, pairing the two together requires quite a bit of courage. More buttery tones of yellow look superb with warm colors like orange or red. If you intend to wear neon yellow sandals, opt to wear cooler colors or a simple white or black outfit.

5. Green

Green sandals are surprisingly versatile. However describe being complementary colors, you will want to stay away from pairing a green sandal with a red outfit unless you plan on making a high-saturated statement. Try pairing green with hot orange hues instead for a similar effect as the red would have provided without looking like a Christmas tree. Other color choices for your outfit that will look superb when paired with a green sandal include blue, black, brown, yellow, and neutrals.

6. Blue

A majority of sandals tend to look natural when paired with their own color, no matter your choice of hue, but navy, in particular, looks great when paired with a blue outfit. Navy is often viewed as black’s more impactful cousin – it adds a bit of color but at very little risk. Whether you opt to go for cobalt, baby blue, or even navy itself, navy sandals will undoubtedly look stylish when paired with different shades of blue. For instance, you can never go wrong with skinny jeans paired with a paired of blue sandals that are a shade lighter or darker than the denim. Other colors that work well with blue include red, yellow, brown, white, and neutrals.

7. Purple

Purple sandals are unsurprisingly cool and unique. This exciting hue is ideal for when you want to draw attention to yourself. If you want this color to pop, pair your purple sandals with a black, white, or neutral outfit. Purple also works well with silver – try pairing plum-colored slingbacks with a silver skirt and cobalt blue jacket.

8. Teal

Teal is a combination of green and light blue, which makes it one of the more unique colors for a sandal. This gorgeous, soft hue works best when paired with similarly lighter shades such as light brown, white, coral, and pink. These colors add a fresh air of springtime to your look. If you prefer a bit more edginess, try pairing teal sandals with bold reds and rich navies.

9. Gold

This is a trendy sandal color that manages to stand out whenever added to an outfit. While you are better off avowing bold patterns when wearing gold sandals, they pair superbly with rich block colors like blue, red, emerald, and burgundy.

10. Silver

If a gold sandal is a bit too much for you, try a metallic one in silver instead. With a shiny and somewhat futuristic feel to them, silver sandals are equal parts sharp and chic. This unique color pairs beautifully with cool hues such as white, navy, and white, as well as warmer tones like purple, red, and beige.

Final thoughts

Finding color sandals that will go with everything in your wardrobe can be a bit tricky especially if your outfit is very bold, but you will rarely go wrong with black, nude, and even white in most cases. However, if you prefer more colorful sandals, ensure that you coordinate the color with that of your outfit to avoid a clash.

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