What Sandals To Wear With Skinny Jeans?

Once considered to be a passing trend, skinny jeans have now made their successful transition into a wardrobe staple and classic style. They are a quick, go-to piece of clothing for off-duty days and can be effortless thrown on without thinking too hard. Although that unique combination of simplicity and stylishness makes them an essential item to have, it is often harder than expected to style them, especially when the weather is warmer and sandals are preferable. So what sandals styles work best with these fashion classics?

What sandals to wear with skinny jeans? A wide variety of sandal styles work well with skinny jeans. One of the most common styles of sandals paired with these jeans the thong sandal. They give you a laidback look, and a leather upper can significantly elevate the whole look.

Wedge sandals also match extremely well with jeans and are a great way to show off your favorite pair. They tie in a carefree look perfectly, making them a must-have for summer. For a very casual look, consider going pairing stylish flip flops that feature a stylish upper with your skinny jeans. Whether they are heeled or flat, slide sandals area great match for skinny jeans especially when they are rolled up. T-strap sandals are great for when you want to wear your favorite pair of skinny jeans on a date night. Strappy heels are a great alternative, whether you go for chunky heels or stilettos.

Most styles of sandals work exceptionally well with sandals as long as they complement the rest of your look and are appropriate to the occasion. Here are the various aspects of styling skinny jeans with sandals to keep in mind.

Sandal styles that work with skinny jeans

1. Flat thong sandals

Flat thong sandals are very versatile, which means that you can never go wrong by pairing them with skinny jeans. If you are going for a look that is casual and classy without being too sloppy, look for leather, suede, or quality synthetic uppers. When it comes to the straps, consider choosing a pair that features a single or several skinny straps. Avoid wearing flat thong sandals that have wide straps or heavy uppers as they tend to overwhelm skinny jeans, plus the combination could give off the illusion that your feet are bigger than they are.

2. Wedge heel sandals

Wedge-heeled sandals tend to work well with jeans due to how well the heftiness of the wedge heel combines with the comparative skimpiness of the vamps, consequently creating a well-balanced pair of footwear that manages to stand out when paired with casual jeans. Wedge sandals work well with a wide range of jean styles, including skinny jeans. You will want to avoid wearing them with varieties of these jeans that are cropped as wedges can easily overwhelm them. Since wedges are a bit on the dressy side, pair your skinny jeans with a flowy top.

3. Slide sandals

There are several reasons why flat and heeled sandals work well with skinny jeans. For starters, many slide sandals feature a vamp strap or two, so they show off a good portion of the foot, plus they are easy to slip on and off, which is what makes them ideal for a casual day spent at a barbecue or beach party. They are also very stylish when matched with rolled-up boyfriend jeans and a crop top or a tight t-shirt.

4. Flip-flops

No other footwear brings to mind the carefree feeling of summer more than flip flops, and yet again, skinny jeans and flip flops make the ideal team. Since flip flops are pretty casual, a simple approach will serve you best. Therefore, consider pairing this footwear style with skin-tight jeans worn with a stretch tee and a colorful bomber jacket, or ripped skinnies paired with a loose graphic tee. Alternatively, you can pair the jeans with a V-neck top, jersey tunic, or spaghetti top.

5. T-strap sandals

T-strap sandals are popular not only for their flattering cut but also for their ability to give the illusion of longer legs. Pair your t-straps with distressed jeans and a fancy top or the classic white t-shirt for a casual date, party, or night out for a sleek and sexy look. For a fun and distinct look, go for beaded or embellished t-strap sandals.

6. Mule sandals

Whether you go for flat or heeled mules, they both pair beautifully with skinny jeans. For a breezy look, white skinny jeans worn with a denim top can be elevated by adding a pair of flat mule sandals to the look. For a cool spring day, consider pairing black mules and black skinny jeans with a light knitted sweater.

7. Pointy-toe flat sandals

Pointy-toe flats work well with skinny jeans especially when you don’t over-do it in terms of embellishments and other decorative details that can overkill a simple and laidback look. You can either keep it plain and simple or go for a touch of tasteful animal print with pointy-toe sandals.

8. Platform sandals

As previously mentioned, bulky sandals generally tend to overwhelm skinny jeans. However, if you cannot do without your platform heels, you can solve this by going for a pair that neutralize the bulky platform with a sleek and well-defined design. For this effect, choose platform sandals that feature an ankle strap.

9. Gladiator sandals

Gladiator sandals are stylish and often perceived as edgy, so they will go great with distressed skinny jeans which you can wear with a slouchy off-the-shoulder top or a crop top. You can opt to go with either a cropped pair or normal length skinnies with this style of sandal and end up with a sexy bold look in both cases.

Considerations when selecting sandals

Choosing a pair of sandals to wear with your skinny jeans can be quite nerve-wracking especially with so many options at hand. Here are some factors to consider:

1. Color

When picking sandals, it is important to keep their color mind because in some cases they will make or break the look. Black is considered to be a safe color that will always work with any pair of skinny jeans in your closet. Nude sandals are a suitable alternative to black ones for when you don’t want your outfit to come off as too serious. Yellow sandals will instantly brighten your outfit, but for them to work best, wear your skinny jeans with a top in monochrome, green, or any shade of blue. Coral is a very popular summer color and will go exceptionally well with blue, red, grey, silver, and neutrals

2. Style

One way you can look at the style of sandals is by distinguished heeled varieties from the flat ones.

Flat sandals are generally considered to be comfortable as the feet are in a natural position, there is no pressure at the ball of the foot, and weight is evenly distributed in them. This makes them a great option for casual events that will keep you on your feet.

Heels offer a boost in height as well as elegance, which makes them great for both casual and semi-casual events where you get to wear skinny jeans.

3. Comfort

Comfort in sandals is important especially if you spend most of your day in them.

  • Fit – If you intend to buy your sandals online, go through the size chart to see how the size of your feet compares. Reviews posted by verified customers are also very helpful as they provide information on how the fit of the sandal holds up once they are in the customer’s hands. The straps featured on a sandal should be snug against your foot to ensure that it will remain secure without being uncomfortable.
  • Arch support – Arch support in sandals will improve your posture and balance, which will, in turn, keep you comfortable. If the sandals you choose lack the required support, use ortholite or memory foam insole inserts to keep your feet well-cushioned and supported.
  • Heel height – High heels are great for draw attention to the shape of your legs in skinny jeans. However, if they are too high, you will inevitably experience foot pain particularly if you are on your feet for most of the day. If you expect to walk or stand for the better part of your day, block heels are a great option.

4. Durability

When picking out sandals, you want a pair that will be long-lasting to allow you to make the most out of them. The material used in the construction of a sandal will determine how durable it will be.

Genuine leather can last for years especially when you take good care of it and keep it away from water. Suede is more fragile than leather but is also quite durable. Many synthetic materials hold up well, but some such as faux leather tend to crease and flake quite easily.

Final thoughts

Skinny jeans have proven their longevity with their ability to remain trendy even after years of being introduced, and this can be partly attributed to their versatility. The only thing you will want to avoid when pairing these jeans with sandals is heavy or chunky varieties that will only take away from your look. When choosing sandals, consider factors such as style, color, comfort and durability to ensure that you end up with what’s best for you.

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