Why You Should Wear Slippers At Home?

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Wearing a fuzzy pair of slippers while at home has become some sort of tradition for so many to the point that walking barefoot is seen to be out of the ordinary. However, some people still have misgivings about whether slippers should be worn at all, or they simply don’t see the need for them, instead preferring to walk around in their regular shoes. Read on to find out if you should consider wearing slippers at home.

Why you should wear slippers at home? There are many benefits of wearing a pair of slippers at home that make them somewhat of a necessity.

  • House slippers keep your feet warm, consequently decreasing the chances of catching a cold or the flu.
  • You also have a better chance of keeping your house cleaner if you wear house slippers rather than your regular shoes. When worn around the house, the soles of your normal shoes tend to bring in a lot of dirt from outside.
  • Thanks to how comfortable and supportive house slippers are, you may end up being more productive than usual due to how relaxed you will be.
  • Wearing slippers at home can help reduce the risk of fungal and bacterial infections, consequently keeping the feet healthy.
  • Socks tend to wear out very quickly when worn around the home, and wearing slippers might help to slow this down.
  • Slippers can also be useful in preventing household accidents since most types have soles that feature a bit of a grip.

Benefits of wearing slippers at home

There are many reasons why you may want to start wearing slippers at home. Here are some of the benefits of this footwear.

1. They can help increase productivity

According to several studies, people are more productive when they are relaxed, and nothing suggests relaxation quite like wearing a quality pair of warm, fuzzy slippers. Many house slipper varieties also provide support to the feet of the wearer. A lack of support can result in foot pain which causes a lot of discomfort when standing or walking while doing chores around the house, consequently limiting productivity.

2. Wearing slippers keeps your house clean

Even when you can’t see it, the soles of the shoes that you wear outside accumulate a lot of dirt and grime that is easily transferable to the floor of your home when you don’t remove your shoes before you step into your home. As a result, your home will always end up being dirty no matter how much effort you put into cleaning it. To avoid this, consider investing in a pair of house slippers that you can slip into as soon as you get home. Ensure that you restrict this slippers for use only within the home to prevent bringing in dirt from outside.

3. Slippers can reduce the risk of catching flu and colds

Some studies indicate having cold feet can greatly increase the likelihood of catching a cold as well as the flu. When your feet are exposed to the cold, it alters the way your body combats illnesses and disease. Chilly feet cause the constriction of blood vessels in the body to reduce the loss of heat. This reduces the rate of blood flow, subsequently affecting the white blood cells that are meant to fight infections.

Additionally, being exposed to cold reduces the functioning of the tiny hairs located in your nose that trap germs, increasing the risk of falling ill during cold seasons.

4. They decrease the risk of fungal and bacterial infection

In areas of the home such as the bathroom and toilet, there is almost always the risk of bacterial and fungal infections. Slippers serve as a protective barrier against nasty foot infections such as toenail fungus and athlete’s foot. Therefore, to keep your feet healthy, you might want to start wearing slippers at home.

5. Slippers extend the quality of socks

Many people prefer to walk around their houses with socks, and while they can be warm and comfortable, they tend to wear out very quickly. You will find that you constantly have to replace them when they get too flimsy and loose, which is hardly what you want especially if you spent a good amount of money on them. If you don’t want to give up your socks, opt to wear a pair of slippers over them. Not only will your feet be warmer, but you will also prolong the life of your beloved socks.

6. They can reduce trips and falls around the house

Tile, linoleum, and wood floors can be very slippery – especially if you prefer to walk around in socks. This can result in a lot of potentially dangerous household accidents. Many house slippers have soles that have quite a bit of grip to provide the wearer with traction when walking on slippery surfaces. This helps to prevent trips and falls that often seem to happen as you go to the bathroom, answer the door, or as you carry out normal activities in your house.

Features to look for in a house slipper

While looking at house slipper options, there are features that you should consider to enjoy their numerous benefits.


One of the top priorities when looking at any type of footwear is the comfort it will allow when worn. Slippers are no different, especially since you will be wearing them almost all the time that you will be home. Here are some of the factors regarding comfort that you should keep in mind:

  • Flexibility – Slippers that have stiff construction can contribute to the development of blisters on your feet when you have them on for extended periods. Look for slippers that are flexible and easily mold to the shape of your feet for maximum comfort.
  • Lining – Most house slippers typically feature an inner lining. Ideally, the lining of a slipper ought to be soft against your foot to prevent any form of irritation on the skin.
  • Seams – Seams hold the upper and the sole of the slipper together. Seams should be flat and strategically placed so that it does not dig into your skin and make your slipper experience unbearable.
  • Breathability – The lining of the slipper should not be too thick to keep it from trapping excess heat that will cause your feet to sweat and make you generally uncomfortable.
  • Insole – When looking to buy house slipper, an insole that incorporates memory foam in its construction or a slipper that features a padded footbed should be on top of your list. These types of insoles will keep your feet pampered and comfortable as you go about your day. A good insole will also provide cushioning and support to your arches and heels to prevent the strain of being on your feet for extended periods.


Insulation is especially important during cold seasons or if you have cold floors. You will want to look at the lining of the slipper if warmth is a priority for you.

There are different types of lining used in different slipper designs, with some of the most efficient at trapping warmth being fleece and microfleece, sherpa, and faux fur. These lining options will keep your feet warm without causing overheating and sweating.


When you have slippers on, you want to walk around without having to worry about tripping or falling and potentially getting injured. Traction is very important especially if the floors of your home are sleek and slippery, increasing the risk of falling when you walk around in socks or barefoot. If you fall into this category, look for slippers that have tread patterns or grippers on the sole to provide you with traction.


Most house slipper designs are generally not as sturdy as shoes that are used outdoors because they are used on smooth and regular surfaces. However, this does not mean that you should go for flimsy slippers that will fall apart with just a few uses. Instead, go for a pair that is sturdy to walk in but still flexible enough to be comfortable. A rubber sole is ideal since it won’t wear out too fast.


The fit of any type of footwear is important, and slippers are no different. You want the slippers you buy to fit your feet comfortably without being too small or too big. Always measure your feet before purchasing slippers, and if you are buying them online, use the sizing chart provided and also read the reviews that other customers have posted.

Ease of wearing

The slippers you choose should not be too narrow and difficult to slip on and off. You will want to be able to wear them with ease once you get home after a long day at work.

Final Thoughts

Protecting your feet while indoors should be as important as keeping them safe while you are outdoors. House slippers are ideal because they offer more protection than regular socks, while still managing to be lightweight. Additionally, unlike regular shoes that are used outdoors, they don’t spread dirt and debris in your house. Consider slippers if you are looking for warmth, comfort, and traction at home.

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